How to Do a Price Comparison for Laser Printer Toners

Of course you want to buy the cheapest laser printer toners you can get, who doesn’t want that? The problem is, you’ll spend a day and a half comparing all options, you’ll get a headache and you’ll just buy the first one you stumble upon.

So narrow down your search using these specific questions:

What’s compatible with your printer?

Will you be using it often? (if not, look only to those that can be stored for a long time)

Do you need excellent colors? (if not, you can set the printing options to “draft”, and you’ll save a lot of toner)

Is eco-friendly a must for you?

What are the recycling costs or benefits?

What’s the highest number of pages the toner can print? Once you have this last, and vital information, calculate the printing cost per page.

Once you have answered these questions, you probably know what you want, so narrow down the providers you’ll be using. Do they offer any loyalty incentives? Is the shipping free? What are the warranties?

Good luck and happy buying.

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  1. Keith says:

    Printer cartridges are very expensive I have found when trying to buy OEM products so I found that it is better to go with a generic and put some extra funds into my own pocket instead of the manufacturers. There are many great sites for buying the generic type but the best I have found was the one you mention above.

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